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January 14, 2008



Great job, my little chick-a-dee!

Love, Mom

Michelle Aguilar

Yikes this looks like my room, we have something in common, YIPPEE! then awww, what a relief, and oh so nice and clean and pretty, and wonderful, you can walk in and talk in and scrap in and the dog can sleep in the cozy pillow in, the new room.
Wonderful Job, Amy. now the question is:
Can you do mine??

Becky Hamblin

WOW! it looks like you have been very busy! well, doesn't it feel SO good in their now?!!! congrats on accomplishing that big task!!!

Frani Garcia

I just love it.
I am so proud.
Love YOur Guts,

catherine feegel-erhardt

hello amy..
looking closer at the amazing transformation... getting motivated to spend the day putting my crap away.. i noticed the photo waterfall clip thing.. where did you get that? CUTE!

Pam Black

Oh my HeAvEnS girl!!!!! How in the world did you ever find anything!!!???{giggle}
You know those before pictures made me crazy, but the job you did organizing was really amazing.
How in the world do we collect so much stuff?? You are so gracious to post both sides of the story....we've all been there!
So, thanks for the inspiration! Love your guts!


I love, love , love your room. I don't get how everyone knew it was Amy's room though. The whole time I kept thinking...who's room is this. I am also re-doing my room. I'm thinking that Ikea wall shelf system might work for me too. What inspiration, I feel like a little organizing tonight. Thanks for making me work, I was going to surf tonight instead.

Vickie Jones

I too have the white Ikea shelf unit for my scrap stuff, it's amazing.

I did a major reorg in Oct and have been proud to say i've kept it almost 100% neat since than.

COngrats on the clean inspiration

Mary Mitchell

Oh Amy......I had to laugh when I saw the little path to your computer....that's the way my husbands den looked. He too did an amazing makeover between Christmas and New Years.

I feel like my scraproom is constantly in a state of reorganization.....I'm loving the 12 x 12 art bin containers...I don't have much wall space to store paper....so these containers hold my latest and greatest patterned paper.....and then store right under the futon in my room. Yup....I lose valuable storage space to a guest bed futon. Oldest son will be graduating from college soon and taking the rest of his stuff out of the closet......so there will be a whole new space for me to invade and organize !!! Woo Hoo

Lara Cousins

Love, love seeing these pics!
Your room looks STUNNING!
Well done!

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